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You reached your destination for mechanical/thermal design of rack mounted equipment and prototype needs.



Mechanical-Thermal Design Services is your trusted partner for design and prototype needs.  With over 25 years of experience in electronic packaging design, we can help you with mechanical and thermal design so you can focus on other challenging tasks in the project. We offer thermal solutions of high-power density devices and design of rack mountable high-end routers, as well as prototypes of all the mechanical parts including sheet metal, machined, plastic and 3D printed parts.  As a result, your HW design team and electrical NPI engineers will have more time to focus on more impactful aspects of the project. 

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Mechanical-Thermal Design Services is a global company with presence in China (Shanghai, Dongguan), India (Chennai) and headquarters in Silicon Valley,USA.  We have been helping companies with a variety of design requirements such as start-ups trying to define the mechanical and thermal boundaries of their ideas and established companies leading the next generation platforms.  

Our team of experts have vast experience in mechanical and thermal design of rack mounted equipment, pluggable cards and modules including high power optics.  Our NPI operations for manufacturing of mechanical prototypes improve time to market and eliminate unnecessary costs due to additional builds.  

The biggest challenge today in rack mounted electronics equipment like routers and switches is cooling the high-power components mainly ASICs and pluggable optics.  We have been in the forefront of the high-end routing industry over the last 15 years and are ready to share the experience and solve your time-consuming challenges starting from the early concept stage.



We offer services in these four interrelated disciplines.

Mechanical Design

We design rack mountable chassis for various environments like 19”, 23”, OCP racks (including rack integrated chassis) for data centers and DIN rail mountable ones for IOT.

Industrial design concept to

working product

FEA resuls.png

Expert engineering analysis and design, ensures successful  prototype verification.

Thermal Design

Cooling optics and ASICs with very high-power density, combined with special limitations, is the everyday challenge of rack mounted equipment today.   Applying early-stage detailed thermal simulations and designing for cutting edge technology implementation in the first prototype stage, help us determine which high performance thermal solutions and materials best serve your needs.      


Airflow- Natural Convection


Airflow- Forced Convection


Air Temperature





Metal and plastic prototyping 

We provide sheet-metal, machined and plastic parts for your prototype and production needs through our partnership with W&B Technology Inc., a premier quick turn around, high quality CM.

Testing for Mechanical Design Verification (MDVT) and Thermal Design Verification (TDVT)

We facilitate mechanical and thermal testing needs of your products, based on product categories at the local test labs.

In a complete design cycle, the process starts with initial mechanical placement and thermal analysis.  During the initial phase, the HW and Mechanical/Thermal teams work together to minimize the number of iterations to save time and money. Once the thermally acceptable placement is reached the detailed mechanical design starts and leads to first prototype release with drawings and complete BOM. MDVT and TDVT are after the first prototype bring-up, followed by a second prototype release.  Then the formal verification tests ensure your product is ready for production.

Leadership Team

Final vesikalik 1.jpg

Onder Cap - Director of Engineering,

Onder has over 25 years of experience on mechanical thermal design of telecom and network equipment.  He holds BSME from Yildiz Technical University and MS in Industrial and Automation Engineering from CSUN.  He has over 10 years of experience managing engineering teams overseas (Shanghai, Shenzhen and Bangalore).  Onder has 4 US patents and 3 pending at USPTO.

Final Peter 1.jpg

Peter Liang - Director of Engineering

Peter is the director of engineering in Shanghai branch in China, he holds BSME and MSME from Tianjin University and has 20+ years experiences in mechanical design of telecom and network equipment and medical devices.  Peter is the founder of Mindoon Engineering and holder of 10 patents on personal transportation vehicles like foldable bicycles, e-bike and e-scooter.


“Onder came through for us in an emergency when a thermal issue was discovered in the final test before shipment to a customer. Although it was not his design, he promptly assessed the thermal issue in the chassis, analyzed it and implemented a solution all within 24 hours.  The unit is still working at the customer site.”


Tankut Turhan, CEO, Nevotek.

“When we were concerned about having our first mechanical chassis design with multiple pluggable cards in time for an upcoming tradeshow, IOT World in Dubai, Onder stepped in to help. With his team, Onder, designed the chassis in less than 5 weeks and got the 10 prototypes built in China in less than 3 weeks. Not only did he manufacture it quick enough to take it to the tradeshow in Dubai within 12 weeks, but also the prototypes worked without trouble so we could confidently demonstrate it with customers.  Onder has the expertise that eliminates time-consuming iterations and the positive attitude to push the limits to make it happen.”

Kannan Devarajan, VP of Engineering, Nebbiolo Technologies

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Address: 772 Dartshire Way, Sunnyvale CA 94087 USA

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